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The Food Mood Story

Who we are

For years, I’ve wanted to own a food truck! My family and I love food trucks, but we can’t stand it when they don’t parkin a location that’s nearby. We also like ordering in, but the selections on DoorDash or Grubhub can be predictable and rather blah at times. So, we brainstormed how to add culinary pizzazz to the Hampton Roads Area and then, boom-bang! FOOD MOOD TRUCK was born! FOOD MOODS are a real thing, you know? At times, people are in the mood for seafood or something lite. Other times, folks may want a hearty meal or they may have a taste for some good ol’ comfort food! Either way, we’ll please! FOOD MOOD is the first online food truck EVER and provides a menu that shifts and changes to satisfy our customers’ FOOD MOOD SWINGS! Why not be a food truck that can be in all places and everywhere at the same time. It’s frickin’ brilliant, man! Stay tuned for what’s to come!

Why Cook Shelton ?

People often ask me, Why do you enjoy cooking so much? I respond by saying that it's not just the cooking, but mostly it's the emotional satisfaction that my "Moodies" customers get while eating one of our scrumptious creations!!!

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